If you’re looking for innovation, stop brainstorming

08/08/2017By Adrienne Zuvela

If you’re looking for innovation, stop brainstorming As most successful business people know, innovation is the key to growth, therefore the purpose of being involved in an ideation workshop is to get your team and strategic agency together and innovate! First though, it’s important to understand that an ideation workshop is different to a traditional … Read More

Tasty Trends in Food Photography

25/07/2017By Adrienne Zuvela

Tasty Trends in Food Photography Until relatively recently, food photography tended to gravitate towards what was referred to as a ‘documentary style’ approach, a style which simply depicted a picture of a dish as the primary focus, so as to simply show it in its intended serving style or so it could be used as … Read More

Top 3 reasons why brand guidelines are important to your business

10/07/2017By Adrienne Zuvela

You’ve spent a lot of time (and often money) developing your logo, stationery, website and marketing communication for your brand, ensuring it is impactful, memorable and effectively delivers your fantastic message to the market. So why drop the ball now? Why should you follow the brand guidelines? Here’s 3 key reasons: 1. Brand consistency A … Read More

We love food!

02/02/2017By Darren Perara

We love food! … and we also love creating communications that get mouths watering and brands achieving sales. Last year we developed recipes, baked, stirred and sautéed delicious eye-pleasing dishes. We photographed, styled and most importantly launched new products for some of the world’s most successful brands. Check out our food credentials here.   We create to connect.Brand … Read More

The 4 P’s to Photoshoot Perfection

10/05/2016By Jasmine Kha

The 4 P’s to Photoshoot Perfection Expanding your product photography folio is no mean feat. Thankfully, Bek Sheppard & Jasmine Kha are on hand to help. In this article, they share their top tips on increasing photo longevity, picking props, personality in colours and engaging the right audience. People Think carefully about the target audience … Read More

Amp your PDFs!

21/04/2016By Lauren Hawking

Amp your PDFs! 5 cool Adobe features you probably didn’t know about Adobe Acrobat is not only the universal app for previewing PDF documents, there are a bunch of tools you can use to add a little pizzazz to your presentations and make your work life so much easier. So… rather than getting your inhouse … Read More