Finlayson Communications has arrived

24/03/2016By Sarah-Jane Finlayson

Finlayson Communications has arrived Today marks a very special day in our history. For 7 years Creative Results has been creating a stir for some of Australia’s leading brands (check out some of our latest projects), but our toolbox is getting bigger and we are evolving, just as all good agencies should. We have also been … Read More

6 steps to rebranding success

23/03/2016By Sarah-Jane Finlayson

6 steps to rebranding success The definition of rebrand Rebrand:/ri: ‘brand/To change the corporate image of (a company of organisation).   To elaborate… rebranding provides an opportunity to adapt your company’s strengths, values and consequently your offerings to customers in a rapidly evolving market space. Rebranding requires businesses to dig deeper, consider their ‘image’ and … Read More