Finlayson Communications has arrived

Today marks a very special day in our history. For 7 years Creative Results has been creating a stir for some of Australia’s leading brands (check out some of our latest projects), but our toolbox is getting bigger and we are evolving, just as all good agencies should.

We have also been taking a good hard look at ourselves (as all good business’ should) and clearly defining what we are really, really good at (apart from our extensive wine knowledge), we take innovation to market like no other agency can. We understand the complex and the interconnected web through relationships with products and people that start right at the beginning of the process, we are able to offer brand guidance and creative solutions that are based on a philosophy of interconnection.

Over the past 7 years we have created a myriad of projects, which have all helped us define what we are really, really good at… we take innovation to market.

Our uniqueness is a true and in-depth understanding of all the important inter-connecting elements to take our clients products and services to market. The majority of agencies focus on the end consumer, but we know for true success there are many connecting steps that need to be tackled with strategic insight and a deep understanding of the marketing function to support business’ task to take their products and services to consumers.

From today, Finlayson Communications has arrived.

Finlayson Communications combines strategy and creative thinking to deliver interconnected campaigns. By understanding our clients businesses and the interconnections that are relevant to their brands we can tell a better story to all your customers.

Finlayson’s mission is to create ideas that drive relevant connections for your business.


We create to connect.
Brand + Strategy + Campaign